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About Atoms

One, because that’s exactly how many designs we make. Rather than creating a bunch of different things and forcing you to make all the decisions, we are decisive. We are focused. We’ve gathered all the best materials and put all our best ideas in one place. This. One. Shoe.

Only, because it’s the only shoe you need. The simple styling works for working, walking, doing nothing, the weekend, traveling, whatever. Atoms are the only shoe that comes in 1/4 sizes which make them the only shoe you’ll ever want to wear.


We grew up in a small town in Pakistan and later met with a group of craftsmen to help them make and sell good shoes online. The startup journey brought us to San Francisco where after selling shoes and talking to hundreds of customers we learned that we can actually add value in the shoe industry by making shoes that would fit and become more personal as you wear them. We have created Atoms by listening to ourselves and to people like you. So, if you have an idea or suggestions, we’re all ears. Sincerely, Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali.

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