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Atoms are your ideal everyday shoes, perfected for walking, long standing hours and commuting.
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You don’t see an everyday shoe like this everyday.

Atoms may have a classic silhouette, but once you slide them on you’ll see they are unlike any shoe you’ve ever worn. First of all, they come in ¼ sizes, which means they fit perfectly to each foot. We say “each foot” because chances are if left foot is a 9.5, the right is 9.25 or 9.75. We are the only shoe company to offer ¼ sizes.

Here’s how it works. As a first time customer you’ll receive three pairs of Atoms in quarter sizes along with our easy to follow fitting guide. You keep whatever shoes fit best and return the rest, even if they’re different sizes.You will only have to do this once, in future orders you only receive one Atoms pair in your size. Doing it this way isn't the most efficient for us, But it’s not about efficiency. It’s about making sure your feet are comfortable throughout the days and for months to come.

After a year you can return your Atoms. We will credit you toward a new pair and donate your old ones to a young creative. But before donation, we’ll scan your old insoles to learn how you been wearing them. This allows us to make all of your future Atoms shoes more custom and personal to your needs. Oh, and you’ll also have exclusive access to our limited edition shoes too.

Being obsessed with simplicity can get complicated.

Most companies spend their time trying to make their shoes look different. They add more logos, chunky materials and way too many colors. We do the exact opposite. We believe in simplicity. In our experience shoes are more comfortable and beautiful when you leave out the unnecessary things. Whether it is the geometry or the shape of the eyelets, we let simplicity be our compass.

In fact, we spent almost a year trying to simplifying the tying of shoelace experience for Atoms, resulting in, our patent pending, one-of-a-kind laces. You tie them once and forget about laces or the tongue of shoe getting in the way. We’ve thought about it all so that you don't have to. And with each new generation, Atoms only get better.

The best shoes need the best materials.

High-quality products have long been defined by the characteristic of their materials and Atoms are no exception. Not only are Atoms the absolutely the best shoes for long standing hours, walking and everyday living, but they’re also durable. With this mission, our small team set out to work with research studios, and material factories. If we don’t find a material that lives up to our standards, we develop our own. For example, The Ammo knit upper of Atoms is made using our proprietary blend of PU coated yarn, that is remarkably breathable, temperature resistance and versatile. The one piece upper is stitched together with copper lining, exclusive to Atoms. Unlike most odor reducing materials available in the market, copper yarn lining actively kills bacterias in your shoes. It completely eliminates the odor on your feet, draws out the moisture and feels soft against your feet. The sole of Atoms is further divided in three parts, that is insoles, midsole and outsole, all made separately in quarter sizes. The copper lined insole and midsole is our proprietary mix of Ethylene vinyl acetate and rubber, it provides remarkable cushioning and responds to every movement of your feet. Throughout the day as your feet changes the midsole adapt to the changes. The midsole is further reinforced with our non slippery rubber outsole. To keep Atoms lightweight, we made circular cutouts in our rubber outsole which also form our iconic atomic pattern.



With clean lines, neutral colors, and subtle details, Atoms are the perfect basics for everyday. And one less choice to think about.


Functional and thoughtful in every detail, Atoms are easy to get on and comfy to stay in. Slip-in lacing, non-slip tongue, antimicrobial threads and a cushy foam sole keep you feeling good from the feet up.


If you’re like most humans, each of your feet comes in a different size. So do Atoms. With our unique quarter-size system, you’re perfectly fitted for wherever your mind takes you. And with a range of upcoming custom style choices, your Atoms will get even more personal.